MyAviBook – Setting up your profile

MyAviBook – Setting up your profile


  1. General Overview
  2. My Profile
  3. Profile Settings

1. General Overview

MyAviBook is packed with features so that you can personalise your pages to a very high degree. Its perfect for those that have that extra bit of flare or even for those who just want a simple default presence. Show case your talents to the world and share info on your events, anything is possible with MyAviBook.

Now that you have created your MyAviBook account (click here if you need info on creating an account) we are going to look at all the personalisation options and how to navigate through your pages.

Once you are logged in, you will see a page that looks something like this…

As you can see the default is very uninspiring 😊 but this has been done on purpose so that you can truly make it your own.

So first things first…. Lets get to grips with My Profile…

2. My Profile

Then click on “My Profile” from the top menu bar

You will then see a page that looks something like this….

The Overview page for your profile is where you are first directed to when you click on My Profile. It is a summery of your widget (we will detail more about widgets later) setup and show everyone what projects and interests you have.

The next tab is Info….. This tab displays your name. Make sure this is showing your inworld first and last names. If you need to change it, we will post details further on in this document on how to do that.

The Media tab: The Media tab will show all your multi media content that you have uploaded. i.e. Videos, slide shows, photo, audio files and even data file sharing. You can manage, edit and change all your media files from this tab.

Activity tab: The Activity tab is where the world gets to see what you have been up to. The groups you have posted to, the pages and updates that you have edited and made. Basically all your activity gets logged here.

Friends tab: The Friends tab shows all the people you have currently friended on MyAviBook

More tab: Under the More tab you will find links to your groups and bookmarks that you may have made in forums, chats, groups and discussions.

3. Profile Settings

Lets now delve into setting up your profile:

Just above the middle right of your page you will see a little profile bubble with a down arrow next to it..

Click the down arrow and you will get this menu

In this part of the tutorial we are going to address the first option “Profile Settings”, so go ahead and select Profile Settings.

A new page will open up


The page now displays your Base page. It is here that you can edit and change your avatar display name in MyAviBook. This is in case you made a mistake during setup, it can always be edited here.

Type in your avatar name if you want to change it and remember to click Save Changes.

Icons Explained:

On the left side of this display are a group of six icons. Here is a quick description of these icons and what they do.

Pressing the home button currently takes you to the default search page, but I will be changing this at some point.

The View Profile button takes you back to your profile overview page. I may remove this button later on as you can just use the My Profile option from the menu bar at the top.

This is where you setup links to all your other social media so that your friends and those visiting your page can link with you on other platforms.

Profile Avatar, this is an important one as the little login bubble. The picture that everyone will see next to all your posts and what they will look for when trying to find you.

The Profile Cover is that banner in the background that makes your page unique.

Needs no explination.

Social Networks Icon

When you click this icon you will get a page where you can setup URL’s to some of your other social media pages. Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram

We may include other social media links in the future.

Profile Avatar or Profile Picture Icon

Possibly the most important one of them all. Your Profile Avatar, this is a likeness of your avatar that will represent you on your profile, posts and feeds.

Selecting this icon will open up a window that will let you upload, position and crop your image so that you can get the perfect pic for your profile.

Profile Cover Icon

Now we enter the first level of jazzing up your profile. The Profile Cover icon will let you custom make your banner or background of your page and can be very much a part of what makes you stand out. So choose wisely.

Congratulations you have now setup the basics on your MyAviBook page. This is only the first set and there are a lot more features which I will cover in Advanced MyAviBook Profile Settings to help you add all the bells and whistles to your account. Have fun with it and join the groups, make your own to. The grid groups are open to everyone to join and post to.